Vorrei lasciarvi qualche informazione a proposito di una delle mie band preferite i tool per l’appunto. Curiosando per il web si possono trovare molte notizie curiose su di loro ma sopratutto sulla loro musica.

“Spiraling Into The Center of The Secret Message Inside Lateralus

Lateralus. A Metaphor for the Divine Mind. Similar or Synonymous with the Jeweled Net of Indra, the myriad faceted crystal where each facet contains the essence of the whole, where each facet is one mind, one soul, one of us, for we are all one.

Teaming up with Visionary Artist Alex Grey for the cover art, Tool’s last release “Lateralus” dazzled minds, expanded consciousness, and “pushed the envelope,” far exceeding the expecations of Tool’s loyal and dedicated, often fanatical fans. Following a dark and edgy debut, “Undertow” (1993), and apocalyptic followup “Ænima” (1996), Tool lefts its fans in the lurch for nearly five years, with only the epic live-album “Salival” to sustain us. Then in 2001, following lead-singer Maynard James Keenan’s Saturn Return, “Lateralus” debuted, and forever earned Alex Grey a place in the hearts and minds of a generation of young metal fans. The relationship could not be more symbiotic. Alex Grey, through collaboration with drummer Danny Carrey, is now inextricably linked with Tool, and their fans. The artwork he created provided the most perfect context for an album that is about pain, struggle, and redemption that counsels us to “Let this go.” This stark contrast to Tool’s dark & angry early albums still delivers enough pounding bassline and ear-splitting guitar riffs to satisfy even the most demanding rocker, and delivers some of the most beautiful and conscious lyrics every written at the same time. Permeated with melodies and messages about the journey towards enlightenment, the album is a powerhouse, a thing unto itself.

On the eve of the release of their current album, “10,000 Days,” I discovered something incredible about their previous release. Lateralus, particularly it’s title track, was inspired to a large degree by the Fibonacci-sequence (1-1-2-3-5-8-13…), the mathematical formula represented by phi, the Golden Mean (1.618), and manifested in every living pattern one can think of, from the spiral of a conch shell to the spacing of the digits of our fingers. The most widely known example of the Golden Mean is Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man diagram. But this is no mere tribute to the DaVinci Code, this album acually resonates with the Golden Mean. The song Lateralus, originally titled “9-8-7” does just that, a bar of 9, a bar of 8, and a bar of 7, repeated. The resulting driving beat builds to a fever pitch while Marnard melodically chants to us of our co-creatorship in our reality.

What’s more incredible is that the whole album can be rearranged in a manner that reflects the Fibonacci Sequence, where each pair of tracks adds up to 13, creating a double-spiral with the 13th track in the center. 6-7-5-8-4-9-13-10-3-11-2-12-1. The result is a completely different album, with a different feel and vibe, and a playlist that conveniently places 2 of the albums three singles at the front. In a very Floydian composition, many of the ending and beginning beats or mismatched songs flow inocuously into each other. The comparison to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of Oz has added to the ongoing debate on similarities between the two bands.” (

E anche tra le curiosità di Wikipedia

Oltre naturalmente a Youtube dove si possono trovare questi 3 video:

E naturalmente non posso non segnalare queste bellissime recensioni dell’album Lateralus:

Che altro bisogna dire oltre a quello che hanno già detto questi signori? 🙂

Direi proprio nulla oltre a “Provate ad ascoltarli” 🙂



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